Why the Track Attack Series? Well, We all want to race competitively and have fun on the day, simple as that!

Rules and Regulations are put in place to make sure that everyone is on the same page. No 50 shades of grey areas! The Technical team will ultimately make sure that you are classed CORRECTLY.

The 2020 Track Attack Series is bringing fun, competitive racing to everyone with a safe car, no matter make, model, performance, spec or how expensive/cheap it is. This series will put YOU against YOU… Yes, you will be your toughest competition while having a great time with friends.

The Series will consist of 7 different “tracks” during the year divided into 7 Classes… (did you expect anything else?)
Details of the classes will be released shortly but you can expect :
– 2 NA Classes
– 2 Force Induction Classes
– 2 Race Classes and of course
– a Ladies Class – (only to score on the day, Ladies will score with the other classes for the year end result)
NOTE: ONLY 77 Spots available per event! So you better make sure you get your entries to avoid dissapointement!

You will be racing for the Ultimate Prize of R100,000! Yes, R100k! We are NOT splitting the money into various classes as each and everyone will stand the same chance to win the money. Ultimately we are looking for the best well rounded racer! I know this is confusing many, let me explain.

You will be racing yourself on the day, we will be comparing your times against, you guessed it, your times. Consistency is KEY! We will be calculating the final result based on YOUR performance against yourself PLUS a small % of your Final Class position PLUS a small % of your OVERALL position. This means that you cannot try and be smart and perfectly consistent by going slow, you still need to go all out for top spot. (the only way to be consistent is to be on the limit)

I will explain this in further detail before each first event. (Will also be in the series regulation book)

Prizes will still be for overall and class winners on the day and the Big Cash prize will be for the Series winner…

Are you ready for the Challenge?